Seamanship Quotation

“In political activity, then, men sail a boundless and bottomless sea; there is neither harbour for shelter nor floor for anchorage, neither starting-place nor appointed destination.”
— from Michael Oakeshott's
Political Education” (1951)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Brad Wall’s fussy case against Senate reform

What’s best to do with Canada’s unelected Senate? Saskatchewan’s Premier Brad Wall has left the dull team of incremental reformers and joined the long-shot cause of outright abolition.

Although a prairie democrat by nature, Brad Wall is now worried that too many other provinces — as yet — don’t want their provinces to participate in Senate elections. If some senators are elected and some aren’t, we’d find ourselves with a “hybrid” Red Chamber. The horror.

Saskatchewan may be the most progressive and politically sophisticated province in English-speaking Canada. In half measures, it introduced universal healthcare to North America. It has elected eloquent Premiers and effective compromisers in national affairs. Brad Wall is an eloquent leader, at least. 

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