Seamanship Quotation

“In political activity, then, men sail a boundless and bottomless sea; there is neither harbour for shelter nor floor for anchorage, neither starting-place nor appointed destination.”
— from Michael Oakeshott's
Political Education” (1951)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Political theatre and personal vanity

Nine men strode on to the stage in the Great Hall of the People, the imposing Soviet-style structure on the west side of Tiananmen Square, in the heart of Beijing, at the close of the 2007 congress of the Chinese Communist Party. Once they were assembled, an untrained eye might have had difficulty telling them apart.
The nine all wore dark suits, and all but one sported a red tie. They all displayed slick, jet-black pompadours, a product of the uniform addiction to regular hair-dyeing of senior Chinese politicians, a habit only broken by retirement or imprisonment. If anyone had had the chance to check their biographies, they would have noticed other striking similarities. All but one had trained as engineers, and all but two were in their mid-sixties.”
—Richard McGregor, “The Party: The secret world of China’s Communist Rulers,” HarperCollins, New York, NY, p. 1

Should America reply with a cabinet of nine Mitt Romney’s?

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